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Excellence in Every Domain

At AGS we believe that the right future citizen is a current all-around student. We strongly adhere to the fact that education is much more than just studies. Education includes sports, art, theater, communication, participation, creativity, and more. That is why we have built a platform that promises excellence in every domain.

Educational Facilities

At AGS, we follow an innovative concept of learning called Activity-Based Comprehensive Conceptual Learning (ABCCL). This concept promotes teaching that goes well beyond the textbook. 


Food Facilities

We prioritize health because we understand that children can excel only when they eat nutritious food. This is why we have our very own hygienic kitchen with expert chefs cooking meals and snacks for children and teachers everyday.


Transport Facilities

Transit can make a lot of difference in how one’s day starts and how it ends.

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Sports and Co-curricular Activities

Education comprises of studies as well as sport. In fact, we believe that for a child’s all-round development


Integrated curriculum a perfect and balanced blend syllable from state board and Central boards which enable the our students to stand at national and international levels

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