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Educational Facilities

Elementary School Student

At AGS, we follow an innovative concept of learning called Activity-Based Comprehensive Conceptual Learning (ABCCL). This concept promotes teaching that goes well beyond the textbook. It prompts students to think, raise questions, and come up with creative answers. The concept aims at making learning fun and enthusing for students rather than making it stressful. In these competitive times, we believe it is important to ensure that students do not succumb to the pressure of education, which is why our focus is on comprehensive learning. Our teaching methodology includes the use of technology and experimentation so that kids learn beyond theory.

With our methodology of teaching, we encourage kids to not just listen but also participate, analyze, observe, question and apply. Teamwork and healthy competition are two of the main points of focus in our teaching. We have well-equipped laboratories, a library, and a separate classroom for digitalized teaching.

Besides ensuring that the teaching methodology is spot-on, we have created an environment that helps students thrive. Our campus is air-conditioned to enable convenience and comfort even through harsh weather conditions. We are located in a calm, peaceful, eco-friendly area that is far away from the hustle-bustle and pollution of the city.

Our campus is an incubator of thoughts, creativity, and excellence.

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